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Agaricus Blazei is not one of the more well-known medicinal mushrooms but scientists recognize this species as having the highest levels of potent beta glucans that  support your immune system and as well as strong anti-tumor effects.

Until recently (about 1965) Agraricus Blazei was known only to the remote mountain village of Piedade, Brazil where it is referred to as Cogumela do Deus: “The mushroom of God.”  

Beta glucans, are known to activate and balance the immune system. The beta glucans in Agaricus Blazei have a low molecular weight that makes them more easily absorbed and, therefore, more effective than beta glucans found in other mushrooms.

Recent scientific studies indicate that the polysaccharides found in Agaricus Blazei increase the level of lymphocyte T cells – immune system cells involved in fighting cancer.

Polysaccharides found in Agaricus Blazei have also been shown to selectively kill tumors without damaging healthy surrounding cells and activate potent chemical compounds that help to control acute inflammation. Taken early in life for accumulated protection against cancer and tumors may be a good idea.

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