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Amalaki fruit is a fantastic dietary supplement for enhanced performance in combination with jiaogulan specifically in terms of its rejuvinative powers and cleansing functions. Amalaki is the most important botanical in the Ayurvedic medical tradition which is the oldest medical system still practiced extensively today. Within Ayurveda, Amalaki is known as “The Great Rejuvenator.”

Under the umbrella of modern science these explanations may seem suspicious or fictitious, but Ayurvedic remedies have been repeated and verified over centuries. Amalaki cleanses, enriches and re-vitalizes the blood. Scientific studies demonstrate reduction blood cholesterol levels.

Amalaki has the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any plant in nature.  Amalaki juice has twenty times the vitamin C as orange juice.  Its vitamin C is protected by tannins which make it less subject to oxidation, and naturally occurring vitamin C is estimated to be ten times as effective as synthetic vitamin C.

Interesting Facts

  • One of the strongest actions of amalaki is its ability to cleanse and detoxify the entire elimination system including colon, intestines, kidneys, liver and bladder.  According to Ayurveda (and other medical systems) the colon is the “mother of all disease.”    A build up of toxins can not only result in a variety of illnesses, but can dramatically reduce the optimum functioning of our entire physiology.
  • Yogic masters have used amalaki for 5000 years to cleanse and detoxify their bodies in preparation for deep meditation and the intense physical demands that yoga requires.
  • “Ayurveda” means the “Knowledge of Life” or the “Science of Life.” Ayurvedic medical texts go back 3,500 years, but its principles have been practiced for 5000 years. When Buddha traveled throughout Asia, he was accompanied by his Ayurvedic physicians who spread their knowledge of herbs and meridians which became the foundation for Chinese Medicine.
  • In Sanskrit Amalaki, translates as “The Nurse” or  The Sustainer.”  At the heart of Ayurveda is the study of the transference of matter to energy and energy to matter (similar to  “Chi” in Chinese Medicine, “Prana” in Indian Medicine, or “Life Force.” ) Aberrations in this transference result in malfunctions.


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