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Chaga, Inonotus obliqus, known as  “King of Medicinal Mushrooms” is the most nutrient dense of all the medicial mushrooms. Rich in Beta-D-Glucans, Chaga is an immune system modulator and a natural Biological Response Modifier.  It stimulates the immune system when needed, but slows the immune response if the immune response becomes overactive. This strong immune booster is used to support conventional cancer therapies which depleat the immune system and may also show promise in helping to combat cancer initiation.

In the back pigments of Chaga we find strong antioxidants.  Chaga displays super-high ORAC values. Chaga displays effective pain relief and supports healthy cholesterol levels.

Chaga’s appealing taste makes it a perfect addition to teas, coffee and as a healthy ingredient to be added to a wide variety of  formulations.

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