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 GingerZingiber officinale, Ginger is worthy of being classified as one of the most effective “superfoods.” There are many species and varieties of ginger and Thai Freeze Dry focuses on a rare ancient indigenous ginger found in the forests of Northern Thailand.

The traditional drying method still used today is to boil or steam the ginger rhizome (root) to soften it in preparation for drying.  The excessive use of heat de-natures the enzymes, diminishes the value of thermo-sensitive vitamins, volatilizes and dissipates essential oils, and reduces the value of other vital ingredients. Our Cellular Fracture-Line   technology does not expose our ginger powder to heat during any part of the drying process. 

Ginger is a root traditionally used to aid digestion, relieve nausea, and help fight the flu and common cold. Gingerol is a natural oil and the bio-active compound most responsible for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger has been shown to speed up the emptying of the stomach which helps to reduce chronic indigestion and women’s menstrual pain relief is a traditional use of ginger supported in a study where 150 women taking 1 gram of ginger powder per day during their first 3 days of menstruation reduced pain as effectively as commonly used drugs.

Interesting Facts

  • Ginger has a long history as a sea sickness and anti-nausea remedy and can be highly effective for relieving “morning sickness” (pregnancy-related nausea)
  •  Ginger’s anti-diabetic properties are noted in a 2015, study of 41 participants with type 2 diabetes.  Two grams of ginger powder lowered fasting blood sugar by 12%  and in another study the markers for long-term blood sugar levels experienced a 10% reduction over 12 weeks.
  • The difference between this and the commercial  ginger that has been bred for a higher yield (for higher profitability) is apparent.  Lab analysis shows the superiority of our primitive local variety in detail.   Our “Kin Kaeng” ginger  grows in a forest that is organically certified by ACT as is the ginger
  • Cognitive health is fast overtaking all other health considerations as people live longer lives.   Both chronic inflammation and oxidative stress accelerate the aging process and may promote age-related cognitive decline.  The antioxidants and other biologically active compounds in ginger may help to inhibit inflammatory responses in the brain

Organically Certified By

– USDA / EU/ and JAS  (Japan)Organic certification

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