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The Future of Whole Food

Thai Freeze Dry is a company made up of brilliant minds and honest work ethics to create a cycle of success in their search for the most exceptional quality. Thai Freeze Dry looks at the history of the botanicals it processes. Thousands of years of successful use based on the wisdom of the ancient masters backed up by modern experimental science, indicate the possibility of real value in terms of our health. At every stage, we focus on extracting and processing key ingredients in a way that is healthy for the environment, is sustainable and keeps the final product as close as possible to its natural form. We promote healthy agriculture, and the business has thrived thanks to our strong connections with the local farmers of
Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Executive Summary

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Strategic Alliance

1. Strategic Alliances
2. TCC to TFD re partnership March 2019

3. Canterpine Life Extension
4. NeutriSci International.


TFD has been in business for fifteen years, during which time many of our customers as well as end-users have reported great success in using our herbal products. 

We thought it might be more interesting for the purpose of our Investor Presentation to see what some distinguished members of our industry have to say about TFD.

1. TCC to TFD re partnership March 2019 
2. Chris Killham
3. Andrew H. Miller

Chris Killahm On Black Rice