Kaffir Lime Leaves

 Kaffir lime , Citrus hystrix, add a distinct slightly sweet citrus flavor described as “rejuvenating,”  “uplifting” for which there is no substitute.  The flavor is due to high concentrations of alkaloids, citronellal, limonene and nerol. The aroma of kaffir lime leaves is primarily due to citronellal plus linalool.

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Thai Spa Facial


Welcome to our world of 100% natural personal care products. The Thai Spa Facial is provided as dry powder to avoid the use of any preservatives. The removal of water eliminates the medium for the product to degrade and eliminates the need for preservatives of any kind. If this was a liquid or crème we would need to add preservatives and/or use a heat process that diminishes the value of the herbs. This product has no toxins and during its application and removal if you get the powder in your eyes, nose or mouth there will be no negative effects.


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Galanga, Alpina galangal, is well known throughout Thailand as “Kha “  for its distinctively sharp sweet taste and fragrance. Like Turmeric, Galanga is a member of the ginger family and this very popular culinary herb is used in soups and curries.

Galanga has a long history of use in various medicinal traditions.  In African-American folk medicine galanga is referred to as “chewing root” said to settle the stomach and aid digestion.  Traditional Chinese medicine prescribes galanga to relieve stomach pain, vomiting, hiccups and diarrhea.  Galanga is often to relieve motion sickness as well as morning sickness.

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Primitive Ginger


 GingerZingiber officinale, Ginger is worthy of being classified as one of the most effective “superfoods.” There are many species and varieties of ginger and Thai Freeze Dry focuses on a rare ancient indigenous ginger found in the forests of Northern Thailand.

The traditional drying method still used today is to boil or steam the ginger rhizome (root) to soften it in preparation for drying.  The excessive use of heat de-natures the enzymes, diminishes the value of thermo-sensitive vitamins, volatilizes and dissipates essential oils, and reduces the value of other vital ingredients. Our Cellular Fracture-Line   technology does not expose our ginger powder to heat during any part of the drying process. 

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Turmeric, (Curcuma longa), contains hundreds of chemical species including a variety of curcuminoids working together in synergy. Much if not all of the turmeric powder in the market will have been processed by boiling or steaming as a first step after washing. In Thai Freeze Dry’s ”Cellular Fraction-Line Technology   ” (CFL) the turmeric is not exposed to heat during any part of the process.  This is the “Thai Freeze Dry” difference.  In addition CFL activated turmeric powder is preserved to maintain the cellular and molecular structure of turmeric as it grows in nature with the highest levels of both bio-activity and bio-availability possible. Read more

Sacha Inchi

Sacha inchiPlukenetia volubilis, has been cultivated and used as a food source for thousands of years in the Amazon rainforest. This superfood is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Sacha Inchi is also a very strong plant-based protein source with a rich amino acid profile that promotes endogenous protein synthesis. It is also high in antioxidants Vitamin A (carotenoids) and Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol).  Sacha Inchi takes it rightful place among the world’s top superfoods. Read more