Papaya Leaf

Many people are aware of the strong digestive enzymes in the fruit of the papaya. Much less well known are the intense digestive enzymes contained in the leaves.

Papaya leaves have Acetogenins, that have been shown to have dramatic biological activity against worms, parasites, some viruses, fungi and cancer cell lines. The therapeutic effects include digestion of potentially toxic waste, killing off Helicobacter pylori  (H. pylori bacteria), and breaking down protein and carbohydrates to sooth the gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract and bowels. The digestion and elimination of potentially toxic wastes are essential in maintaining good overall health.

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cordycep-militarisCorvdyceps, Cordyceps miliatris, is cultivated on grain substrates in labs and is more potent than the Cordyceps sinensis found in the wild. The majority of Cordyceps on the world market is cultivated by Liquid Culture Fermentation taking about five days until harvest. Approximately 90% of the bioactive compounds are in the liquid that is discarded after the mycelium is harested. Thai Freeze Dry uses a highly superior solid-substrate method which takes 45 days. All the compounds are captured. 

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amalaki_02Amalaki fruit is a fantastic dietary supplement for enhanced performance in combination with jiaogulan specifically in terms of its rejuvinative powers and cleansing functions. Amalaki is the most important botanical in the Ayurvedic medical tradition which is the oldest medical system still practiced extensively today. Within Ayurveda, Amalaki is known as “The Great Rejuvenator.”

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Social Consciousness

True success is never won at the expense of others.  Over the past 12 years, Thai Freeze Dry has developed relationships with our Hill Tribe farming communities characterized by mutual trust and love. We work through organizations, temples, communities to help the brilliant high-altitude farmers that supply our top quality agricultural raw materials. Read more

Ozone Antimicrobial Treatment

As part of TFD’s permanent commitment to improve our products, service and food safety we have implemented a state-of-the-art ozone antimicrobial treatment system. Ozone has been used for many years around the world and dwas recently approved by the U.S.A. F.D.A. as an antimicrobial treatment. (GRAS approval for direct contact on food by FDA Final Rule 21 CFR Part 173.336)

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Cellular Fraction Line Technology  (CFL)

Science recognizes the freeze dry process as the most effective method of preservation of bio-active substances including herbs and botanicals. Freeze drying became well known near the end of WWII when it was used to transport blood plasma to soldiers on the front lines. When snake venom is collected to make anti-venom it is freeze-dried.  Most scientific laboratories have small desktop freeze dry machines to preserve samples.  The goal is to preserve the sample with the least possible disturbance to its chemical composition.