While our primary mission is to enhance your health and well being, we actively support out Hill Tribe communities struggling to attain a sustainable income.   Thai Freeze Dry works directly with farmers and co-ops to teach and promote sustainable organic natural agriculture including ethical wild harvesting and wild crafting practices.

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Our Mission

Revive your Relationship with Nature’s Complete Foods

Thai Freeze Dry wants our customers to experience and benefit from the vast bounty of herbs and botanicals that grow here and the 5000 years of traditional wisdom that has brought herbal wellness to the prominence it enjoys today.  We strive, in every possible way, to produce ingredients that embody this ancient wisdom while working, at the same time, to dispel the notion that herbal ingredients from Asia are of unknown quality or effectiveness.  We stand behind our quality, purity, and safety as we evolve toward the perfect balance of tradition, nature and science.

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