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Sacha inchiPlukenetia volubilis, has been cultivated and used as a food source for thousands of years in the Amazon rainforest. This superfood is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Sacha Inchi is also a very strong plant-based protein source with a rich amino acid profile that promotes endogenous protein synthesis. It is also high in antioxidants Vitamin A (carotenoids) and Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol).  Sacha Inchi takes it rightful place among the world’s top superfoods.

Omega 3 is essential for the development of the brain and nervous system, regulates our immune system, fights chronic inflammation and infections and helps to relieve blood-clotting disorders as well as supporting overall cardiovascular health.  Inca Gold cold pressed oil contains over 45% omega-3 fatty acids – about 43 times more than olive oil or sunflower oil.

Interesting Facts

  • Sacha inchi seeds contain a substantial quality of tryptophan, a precursor for endogenous serotonin synthesis.
  • The human brain largely consists of fat cells and we need a constant re-supply of healthy fats to fight inflammation in the brain that may cause depression, memory loss, fatigue, exaggerated pain response etc. Increased serotonin synthesis helps fight stress and anxiety and keep a positive attitude.
  • Sacha Inchi improves cardiac functions that improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and fight inflammation.  At the same time Sacha Inchi lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL).
  • Large co-ops in Northern Thailand, where the perfect growing conditions exist for growing top quality Sacha Inchi, provide a sustainable income for dozens of Sacha Inchi farmers and their families.

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