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Welcome to our world of 100% natural personal care products. The Thai Spa Facial is provided as dry powder to avoid the use of any preservatives. The removal of water eliminates the medium for the product to degrade and eliminates the need for preservatives of any kind. If this was a liquid or crème we would need to add preservatives and/or use a heat process that diminishes the value of the herbs. This product has no toxins and during its application and removal if you get the powder in your eyes, nose or mouth there will be no negative effects.


Thai Freeze Dry uses an evolutionary and transitional new process that makes this facial so effective. This scientific breakthrough in the preservation of the herbs and botanical distinguishes this product from all others. For detailed information on this premium freeze dried process visit our website at  https://www.thaifreezedry.com/cellular-fraction-line-technology

There are no perfumes, artificial colors, preservatives, synthetic chemicals, or additives of any kind whatsoever contained in this product or used in the production process. All bio-active ingredients are obtained from plants.

Interesting Facts

  • Even Skin Tone/ Decreased skin discolorations including age spots, freckles, and
    uneven pigmentation due to anti-oxidants that suppress oxidative changes
  • Reduced wrinkles and expression lines to provide a more youthful appearance
  • Refined appearance of pores for smoother skin
  • Deep cleansing action polishes away dull and flaking skin to reveal the healthy glowing skin

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