Our company and Managing Director have received numerous awards from the Royal Family of Thailand. 

Presented to TFD by the Broadcasters Association of Thailand (under the patronage of His Majesty the King) which recognizes industry leaders.  
“Outstanding Organization”

Thai Freeze Dry was one of 36 Thai organizations to receive the Thep Tong. (Heavenly Gold) award in the category of “Outstanding Organizations”  for its development of Cellular Fraction-Line Technology which adds value to Thai agricultural products for export.

Farm Fresh Delivery

Some of the world’s premium herbs grow on our doorstep. We process the herbs fresh while still alive within hours of harvesting for super high bio-activity.

Alive and Well

Garbling Jiaogulan

Raw Material Specifications

Thai Freeze Dry processes only those parts of the plants which contain the highest therapeutic values. This visual/physical inspection of the raw materials, known as “garbling,” is part of this inspection process.

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Nature’s Complete Design

Thai Freeze Dry’s proprietary, evolutionary and “disruptive” Cellular Fraction Line Technology  sustains the medicinal bioactivity of the live plant.

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OEM Production

Process your ingredients and distinguish your products at the highest quality level through the use of Cellular Fraction-Line activated botanicals.

Improve your Product

Private Label Packaging Solutions

Private Label Packaging Solutions

Gain a competitive advantage by packaging our existing products under your own brand and allowing us to supply unique ingredients for your own formulations.

Private Label

Traditional Medicinal Herbs and Super Foods

Asia’s traditional medicinal herbs and super foods, organically grown in our pristine environment are processed immediately after harvest.

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Culinary Herbs

Powerful natural flavors and aromas with effective health benefits sustained by Cellular Fraction-Line Technology 

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Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

We promote traditional farming practices and provide our Hill Tribe farmers a sustainable income.


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About Us

Thai Freeze Dry has developed an evolutionary and transitional premium freeze dry process using our proprietary Cellular Fraction-Line Technology to provide traditional medicinal herbs and functional foods of superior quality.

Located in the pristine mountains of Northern Thailand we process fresh locally grown herbs and functional foods to create fine dry powder that is both highly bio-active and highly bio-available.

Supporting indigenous Hill Tribe Villagers and local farmers we promote traditional organic agricultural practices and environmental sustainability.

Join us in reviving our relationship with nature’s complete foods and raise the health of humanity and our planet with love as our motivation